This Spring will see the release of two entirely new books in the Bach Shapes series starting with Bach Shapes: The Etudes on March 31, and Bach Shapes II: Studies in Bach for All Instruments on May 25.

This page will also be expanded to include more video lessons on the material, blog articles, guest posts and more.

For now check Jon’s blog at www.jondelucia.com/blog for updates, how-to’s and different ways to approach the material from Bach Shapes.

Print Edition of Book One Half Off Until March 31!  

Bach Shapes: The Etudes available for Preorder March 21st on jondelucia.com


Bach Shapes is now being sold in stores at Robertos Winds in Manhattan, the Buffet Crampon Showroom in Manhattan, and at Music Espresso and Virtuosity in Boston.

The book has had a great response from non-saxophonists, proving to be a great method for brass players, double reed players, vibraphonists and more!


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“Jazz musicians have naturally gravitated towards the music of JS Bach for years, so a book like this one has been a long time coming. Jon has done a wonderful job capturing various snapshots of Bach’s seemingly infinite musical language, organizing these shapes in a setting that could be very useful to improvisers. A truly interesting and enjoyable book that will hopefully lead to more volumes in the future.”

Miguel Zenon, International Touring Artist


“A valuable tool for students who would like a refreshing change from regular forms of scale exercises. The challenging intervals and ranges would give any serious player a good workout! Thank you for this wonderful addition to our study materials!”

– Kenneth Tse, Professor at University of Iowa, President of the Comite International de Saxophone



“Jon De Lucia has created a compelling set of new studies, combining intrinsic musical elements with precise technical challenges in the tradition of the best etudes. Rather than targeting classical, jazz or pop saxophonists, these studies focus on issues of interval, intonation and musical phrase making in ways that are central to any style. Thanks for new stuff to practice and teach with!”

-Andrew Sterman, NYC Freelancer, Phillip Glass Ensemble, Teacher 



“No matter what instrument you play, if you’re looking for a book to live on your music stand for the next several decades, this is the one. With some careful and attentive work on these sequences, these excerpts are sure to expand your musical vocabulary, as well as your sound and technique. There’s endless possibilities here.”

Sam Sadigursky, NYC Freelancer, Broadway’s Matilda and The Band’s Visit 


“What a great book…such a great concept using these amazing melodies and motives to create new practice material.”

Dino Govoni, Faculty at Berklee College of Music 


“Excellent. Beautiful presentation and great content.”

-Walt Weiskopf, Freelancer and Educator/Author 




“I really dig this book – there are so many musical ideas that one can find in Bach’s music. It’s about time to have someone like Jon organize it in order to be practiced by jazz musicians. It’s good both for the chops, vocabulary and knowledge of harmony. You really have to know what you’re doing when you utilize his devices.”

-Dmitry Baevsky, NYC Freelance Saxophonist  

“This book is great for practicing and learning really nice sounding passages from Bach in a more focused manner. All passages are transposed as well so you can focus on a particular key that needs work. The engraving is very clear and spacing very well done, its been on my music stand for a while now and has really been fun!”

Andrew Hadro, NYC Freelance Saxophonist 


“In this book, Jon explores some beautiful melodies from Bach’s music and turns them into fun segments for practice and improvisation. I personally find practicing diatonic exercises to be one of the most useful ways to build my ear and technique. Jon gives some helpful suggestions on how to make use of these melodic sequences but the book is very open for the teacher or student to find their own creative uses for these exercises. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a new and enjoyable way to approach their technique practice and expand their vocabulary. Bravo, Jon!”

Marc Schwartz, NYC Freelance Saxophonist

 “I used this book with a few of my new students and loved it – it is such a nice collection that one can use in many different ways. One just has to be a little creative. Especially the excerpts with the big leaps are really helpful for many saxophonists. Congrats on creating a great book!!”

-Diane Hunger, International Performer and Faculty at Syracuse University 



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