Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks for Bach Shapes: The Etudes

Click the button to download the live band backing tracks for Bach Shapes: The Etudes. These will also work for the same etudes as they appear in Bach Shapes and Bach Shapes II, but only if you are playing in Eb transposition. The Etudes books are the only way currently to get the etudes in other transpositions.

Backing Tracks for Bach Shapes II

Currently this only includes MIDI accompaniment for the Circle of Fifths Harmonic Sequences chapter of Bach Shapes II. You’ll find a different folder for whichever transposition you need where the files will be named appropriately for your instrument. Play each phrase twice, then you’ll hear a chime to indicate the start of the next phrase. Each track is one page of the book, with repeats. Feel free to also download the Etudes audio above if you are playing Alto or Bari.

Articles on the Bach Shapes Series

Below you’ll find several articles I have written, and that others have written, on working with the material in Bach Shapes. Enjoy!

Video Library

Bach Shapes II: Book One 

Videos that refer to Book One of Bach Shapes II, including Diatonic Sequences, Interval practice, Diminished patterns, Toccata and Fugue phrases.


Bach Shapes II: Book Two 

Videos that refer to Book Two of Bach Shapes II, including Bach Loops, Circle of Fifths Sequences, Paul Desmond and Arpeggiation.


Bach Shapes: The Etudes 

Videos of Jon and others playing the Bach Shapes Etudes.


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